California Legislators Introduce Many Bills on Long Term Care

February 28, 2017
February 2017

It’s that time of year again. California legislators introduced hundreds of bills prior to the February 2017 deadline, including a number addressing long-term care or elder abuse. Some bills are worthy of support, others not. 

Bills CANHR supports include AB 286 (Gipson), to increase the home upkeep allowance; AB 275 (Wood), to strengthen closure protections for nursing home residents; AB 550 (Reyes), to restore lost funding to the ombudsman program; AB 859 (Eggman), to discourage nursing homes from intentionally destroying evidence that a resident has been abused or neglected; AB 937 (Eggman), to ensure that a person’s expressed wishes on end-of-life care are respected; AB 940 (Weber), to require nursing homes to send copies of transfer or discharge notices to the long-term care ombudsman; and SB 219 (Weiner), which would establish a long-term care facility bill of rights for LGBT residents. 

CANHR opposes AB 1026 (Dababneh), which would allow for-profit skilled nursing facilities to raid public health funding by obtaining low-interest, government-insured loans from California programs that are currently reserved for nonprofit and public health facilities. A similar bill, AB 2104, failed to pass last year. 

CANHR also opposes the Department of Health Care Services’ trailer bill proposal to amend the laws regarding recovery from personal injury lawsuits – DHCS 610 – Fifty Percent Rule and Personal Injury Lien Recovery. This ill-conceived proposal would prevent abuse victims from recovering anything in certain cases, a perverse result that would deter victims from seeking justice and aid negligent health providers. 

For more information on these and other bills of interest, please visit CANHR’s legislation page.

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